About Mulu

Mulu is by far one of the best managed national parks in Malaysia.  It lies in the interior of Sarawak, Borneo island. It can be reached by air from MIRI and by river from LIMBANG, at the moment there is no road yet link to it.

Mulu National Park is basically a lime stone land scape, famous for largest cave entrance in the world and the largest chamber in the world and the pinnacles on top of Mount Api. Its area is so big that it covers the watershed area of Miri and Limbang divisions. The second highest mountain, Mount Mulu is also part of the Mulu National Park.

Mulu is boasting of containing many wildlife yet it is so difficult to see them. Unlike Savana grassland, Mulu is jungle. Trail in the jungle is just like walking in the tunnel surrounded by trees, thus seeing animals is by luck. The temperature at Mulu during day time is warm that is why most of the wildlife prefer coming out at night because it is cool. Thus night walk is highly recommended.

The rivers of Mulu are clear and clean with rapids thus reaching Mulu by boat is taxing your muscle by pushing the boat during the dry season on June, July, August and September from Limbang.

Mulu is also famous for web of cave ecosystem, you see thousands of bats flying out of Deer cave at dusk. It is also famous for diversity of genetic materials like wild banana.  Mulu also has unique plants like pitcher plants, palms, ferns and corpse plants.   




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