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It all begins in 1989, a group of 20 of us from Limbang decided to make a return tour to Mulu by boat and hiking from Limbang. It was both
an unexpecting and inspiring journey. At that time, Headhunter's trail was only 6 km, we had to push the boat during the dry season up to Lubang Cina, from there we trek to Camp 5. Camp 5 then was just a jungle hut with palm leaves roof. Our guide was Philip Lawin, he was a very experienced guide who learned from British cavers. We never realized how tough was pinnacle climb. We just joined in without any briefing. I remembered I did not bring any water for the climb. There were no ladders just the roots of the trees for us to hold on. We continued our journey up to Mulu 4 show caves plus the Turtle cave and Garden of Eden. The former has been cancelled by park due to its danger. That was my first experience to the jungle, mountain, river and caves of Mulu.
In 2002, realizing that it was a shame not to give an opportunity for visitor to make a hike, a climb with me to experience Mulu, I decided to form a proper company registered with Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. That is how my company, Borneo Touch Ecotour was born.
Now a little back ground about myself, my name is Clive Lim, I hold a degree in Bachelor of Plant Science from University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada in 1983. I have been doing guiding for over 16 years. It seems like never end. Whenever I came back from guiding, I knew it was tired but then I somehow felt like going back again. Was it because of its beauty or just a great exercise for me to hike 33 km in the jungle in 3 days time ? It is hard to believe, huh ?  I can honestly tell you it has been an adventure and definitely never boring. It is
the hardest job I have ever had. But I love it if given an opportunity to impart to the best of my knowledge about Mulu to my beloved visitors.
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