Mulu and Pinnacles

Mulu and Pinnacles (4 days 3 nights)

Base Camp No.5
Day 1- Arriving at Mulu air port and welcoming. Check in your accommodation and proceed to Deer and Lang caves. Witnessing the exodus of bats at dusk. Return to accommodation. Dinner is on your own at park cafe.
Day 2- Leave at 8 am after breakfast by boat to Batu Bungan and from there we continue by boat to Wind and Clear Water River caves. Picnic lunch at jungle hut. We then continue by boat to Kuala Litut. From there we trek 9 km to Camp 5. Dinner served and sleep early for to morrow.
Day 3- Climb the pinnacles at 6:30 am after the breakfast at 6 am. Allowing 8 hours to complete the tour. Lunch and dinner are provided. Over night.
Day 4- Breakfast at 6:30 am, and leave camp 5 at 7 am, and expecting arrival at Kuala Litut at 9:30 am. Send to air port. Tour ends.
View point at 1200 m above sea level.
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