Walk Out of Mulu

Walk Out of Mulu (5 days 4 nights)

This tour begins from Mulu and ends in Limbang town.
Day 1- Arriving at Mulu air port and welcoming and check in your accommodation. At 2:30 p.m, we walk to Deer and Lang caves. Discover the web of life of cave ecosystem like for example the bats and the birds. Walking is on the wooden plank walk and the distance covered is 
3.5 km. Return to your accommodation and dinner is on your own.
Day 2- This morning after breakfast, we leave at 8 am by boat to the Penan village, learn about their life in the jungle. We then proceed to Wind and Clear Water River caves. We have to climb up 250 steps to reach the entrance of the Clear Water River cave. Discover the formation of needle like micro pinnacles formed by bacteria. Picnic lunch at the jungle hut by the river mouth. We then leave by boat to Kuala Litut where we trek 9 km to Camp 5. Camp 5 is named is because we have camp 1 to camp 4, these camps are on the way to Mulu summit whereas Camp 5 is the base camp for pinnacle climb and this takes a day trip to complete the climb whereas Mulu summit takes 4 days 3 nights. Dinner is provided and sleep early for to morrow.
Day 3- At 6 am, we have breakfast then we leave at 6:30 am for climbing pinnacle. The climbing distance is 2.4 km. The first section is already very tiring to climb because of its terrain. The last section is 16 ladders and one rope climbing. Some of the ladders are short. The view point of the pinnacles is just infront of your face once you reach the point. Returning is tough after taxing your leg muscle. Be extra careful when climbing down. We will have picnic lunch at the view point. We allow 8 hours to complete the pinnacles climb. Dinner served and sleep early at camp 5 for to morrow.
Day 4- This morning we have breakfast at 6:30 am and leave camp 5 at 7 am. We hike Headhunter's trail. Headhunter's trail is named because a few hundreds years ago, the tribes of Borneo enjoyed hunting human head for ego, was not for hatred or political reasons. This trail is 12 km long, you will by pass 2 bridges. The middle bridge is a roped bridge across Terikan river. So, we are actually traverse from Melinau river to Terikan river. From the river mouth of Terikan river, we travel by long boat to Long house, on the way, we rest at Mentawai Ranger Station for lunch. From long house, we travel by 4WD truck to Limbang town and over night. Dinner is on your own.
Day 5- Tour ends.
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