Mulu 4 Show Caves

Mulu 4 Show Caves ( 3 days 2 nights )

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The high light of this tour is visiting 4 show caves which are Deer, Lang, Wind and Clear Water River caves. 
Deer cave is the largest cave in the world and Lang cave is the smallest among the 4. 
On first day, you will walk on the wooden plank walk for 3 km to the entrance of Deer cave, from there you walk 800m towards inside of the cave. Lang cave is besides the Deer cave.  If you arrive on the 2:25 pm flight then you will miss the Deer cave in the afternoon if you are hiring a national park guide. But here is the difference, as a private guide, we will wait for your flight and we still can complete the tour. After the tour, we will wait for the exodus of bats at dusk.
On second day, after breakfast, we travel by boat to visit the local at Batu Bungan, the Penan tribe (The nomad of Borneo). You will learn the actual way of their life. There are also handicrafts for sale.
Day 1- Arrival and welcoming, check in your selected accommodation. At 2:00 p.m we proceed to Deer cave and Lang cave. Discover the web of life of cave ecosystem and learn about the formation of cave millions years ago.
Day 2- This morning after breakfast, we leave the park at 8 am by boat to Batu Bungan, learn about the life of Penan tribe, better known as nomads of Borneo, and proceed to Wind cave and Clear Water river cave. Picnic lunch at the jungle hut by the river mouth. Swim and mingle with the fish. Return to your accommodation.
Day 3- Breakfast is provided. Tour ends.
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